Monday, February 23, 2015

Let there be watercolor

Many apologizes my readers but a lot of complications prevented me from posting till now. I am happy to present the first drafts of my watercolors. Still figuring out to paint or not paint the faces and if so how. The faces should be in the next posting. I would love to hear your thoughts.

This is Milly signing off

Monday, February 9, 2015

colorful ideas

Good morning/ good evening readers milly here with another update. I have made small color compositions for my card project this time around. I plann on making black cards with white symbols (inversing the average color scem of an playing card). Because of this I decided to play the push and pull of reds agenist blacks and let even some items almost have this glow to it. The other idea I had was to add mist for the eyes. Here are the images of some key ones.

Love Milly

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Playing card project (Let the games begin)

Hello people of the world, Milly here

I am starting a new project this month. Designing several small illustrations for different cards in a deck of playing cards. I will only be illustrating 14 cards in the deck, including the king, queen, the ace, the jack, and 10 number cards. The illustrations of the four main cards will consist of eyeless masks and each one expressing a different emotion. All the four main cards will be heart cards, while the number cards will be made of 3 heart and dimond cards and 2 spad and club cards. So far I have only done sketches for the first four but the progress just get funner and funner.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Final thoughts and touches

Dear fine readers

I was able to place my final thoughts in the computer and now have four results. I was suprised by the fact a lot of people critquing my work said they prefered the first one. I was planning on chossing 2 or 3 but with a little bit of twicking I can see the the first one working well. Thought's ?

best milly

Welcoming everyone back

Hello readers, long time no type

I am happy to say I have returned at last with new illustrations. This time around I have desised my own logo for a company I created called "time travelers." A time travel agency. I first I was having trouble figuring out how to portray the passage of time in a graphic manner however it was suggested to me that I focous on the idea of using an hour glass. Once I started using that the ideas got better and better.

Best Milly