Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Just a little something

I bagin playing with water colors this summer. At fist this was just a place I painted random flowers on but I desided to put black and white people (soon to be in pen and ink) on the page and have them interact with the flowers. I made it so they are both creating the flowers and interacting with them. The flowers become real when parts of it are fully realized. My problem is that the people look strange and most of all the image is to static (no good eye motion).

Best - Milly


Monday, May 4, 2015

Edited card designs

I am so glad and proud that my card deck edits are now complete. Here are a few examples of the changes I made. I add better border and elegently curved numbers/letter to mattch the thin curves of the images. I also add more black in the king and queen faces to make them more consistent with the jack and jocker faces. Enjoy

Milly out

Welcome to chalk city

Dispite my late post (college finals) My chalk city is now complete with both a poster and a post card and it is all thanks to digital painting and chalk paint brushes. Hope you enjoy

Milly out